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My lovely Hollywood couple <3
tumblr_mdf3sbkahT1qb5ln6o1_r1_250.gif (245×245) tumblr_mdf3sbkahT1qb5ln6o2_250.gif (245×245) tumblr_mdf3sbkahT1qb5ln6o3_250.gif (245×245) tumblr_mdf3sbkahT1qb5ln6o4_250.gif (245×245) tumblr_mdf3sbkahT1qb5ln6o5_250.gif (245×245) tumblr_mdf3sbkahT1qb5ln6o6_250.gif (245×245) tumblr_mdf3sbkahT1qb5ln6o7_250.gif (245×245) tumblr_mdf3sbkahT1qb5ln6o8_250.gif (245×245) tumblr_mdf3sbkahT1qb5ln6o9_250.gif (245×245) tumblr_mdf3sbkahT1qb5ln6o10_250.gif (245×245) Andrew Garfield dancing for charity on The Ellen Show.
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Andrew Garfield in Fall 2010 Polaroid Campaign
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All I’ve ever aimed for is just to be allowed to express myself… - Andrew Garfield
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but those are the best kind
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Andrew Garfield in Teen Vogue July 2012
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Andrew Garfied tries to prove that he doesn’t have perfect and gravity defying hair.

I've never even considered Andrew Garfield but...wow. why. hair. so. sexy. can't. breathe.
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“I can’t hear anything the translator’s saying, where’s the volume on this thing?
Ah, there you go. *turns volume up to 100%*
That’s much bett—HOLY SHIT.
Alright, Andrew, just put the thing down and be cool, no one saw it.”
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Is there anything under that [Spider-Man] suit? What can you wear? ‘Cause it’s so skintight it seems like you’d see lines of underwear, or something like that.
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Those pictures. That accent. Okay, i dont care about the movie i just want more andrew!! 
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